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  • Welcome!

    Below are items which 1up! feels will help you perform as a feed editor for THRU1.

    If you have ideas about other things that would benefit feed editors, let 1up! know, and they can be posted here, too.

    As always, 1up! is here to help you best do your job...feel free to reach out whenever you need!

  • The Business Details

    1up! has built all the underlying technologies, has the relationships in the online publishing world and is working the business with clients.

    Feed editors come aboard to provide their editorial work (gathering the headlines) and they do the production work (using the formatting doc's 1up! provides) to get the aggregate headlines posted.

    If the editor formats their headlines, it's a 50/50 relationship, and so is the split on revenues. Each month a THRU1 client pays $20 for a feed, so the Feed Editor and 1up! would each earn $10/client/month. 

    1 client = $10/mo

    10 clients = $100/mo

    100 client = $1,000/mo

    ...and so on!


    If the editor collects the headlines, URLs and the attribution details, then the deal is $5/client/month, as 1up! would need to provide staffing and will be doing the production piece of the editor's job.

    Either way, the beauty is that the work a Feed Editor does for one client is the same as for hundreds, so a Feed Editor's revenue grows with the addition of reach new client and it does so without having to do any additional work.

  • Content Guidelines

    With the the COVID-19 feed the 1up! staff builds twice each day, the following guidelines for picking headlines are used:

    • Something a reader can use today? Make sure to provide content that is useful.
    • Does your headline read quickly, providing some news value without clicking through?
    • Avoid "ranking" or "lists" headlines. We can add those lists to the reference links at the bottom of your postings.
    • Strictly political rants? If it is, avoid it.
    • Same story covered by many media sources? Find the best version of the story. Or if you find two stories about the same topic, but they have opposite viewpoints, then post them both.
    • Try to find a positive slant. Makes their day better?
    • Avoid opinion, stick to the facts.
    • Avoid content behind paywalls.
    • Avoid too much overlap with other content feeds.
    • Don't shy away from providing links to web pages with video, audio or other multimedia.

    This short list of guidelines is just meant to help you develop your own set of guidelines.

    It is not meant to force you to do your work in any particular way, but to help you formulate your ideas about and the direction of your feed.

  • The following is a guide for feed editors to post their subject's content into the remote publishing widgets.

    The following points, as a guide, are simply a starting point, and each editor is encouraged to modify the process to best suit their particular needs.

    Posting to Your Remote Publishing Feed

    • Make sure you have the following from 1up! to start your posting:
      • Your user account for the THRU1 management intranet
      • Formatting template
      • Posting template
    • Open both template files in a word ASCII processor (DO NOT use MS Word), and familiarize yourself with them
    • Copy the new formatting lines into the top of the posting template (there is a short comment indicating to copy in your new formatting lines below the comment)
    • Gather your stories: pasting in the web site address, headline and attribution into each line of the Posting Template's newly added formatting lines
    • When you're done adding your new story link/headlines, and leaving your word processor open, open the Google Chrome web browser
    • In the address bar type:
    • In the log in fields, on the management intranet's log in screen, type your username and password, click "SIGN IN"
    • From the mananagement intranet's landing page, go to the "Editorial" menu, click on it and scroll down to "Articles"
    • From "Articles" menu item, mouse over to the submenu "Articles" and click it
    • You will now see the articles management grid
    • You should now see your feed's entry (it may not have a headline), click the "pencil" icon to edit your feed
      • If you do not see your feed, look for the "SUBSECTION" dropdown and scroll down to your feed
      • When you release your mouse key, while your cursor is over the name of your feed in the drop down, the grid will refresh to only display your feed
      • Now you can click on the "pencil" icon to enter the feed's management form
    • Scroll down to the "Body" field, and click the "HTML" button to switch the view of the field from "Design" to "HTML"
    • Highlight all the text (code) in the "Body" field and delete it
    • Go back to the posting template, with your new headlines, copy all the text in the document and paste it into the "Body" field
      • If you'd like, you can click the "Design" button on the bottom left of the "Body" field to review the formatting of your new link/headlines
    • Now, look to the bottom of the browser window and click the "FINISH" button.
    • To verify the feed posted to the public WWW, go to the homepage of, look under the main log for the title of your feed and click on its name
    • You will now have another browser window open and your feed will be displayed in the 1up! company website.

    Example Editor Formatting & Posting docs

  • The following dates will not require a published THRU1 feed:

    • New Years Eve & Day
    • Christmas Eve & Day
    • Thanksgiving
    • Labor Day
    • Fourth of July
    • Memorial Day
    • Easter

  • If you have any issues working with the templates, posting or anything else related to your feed please contact 1up! Technical Support:

  • Are you an expert, advocate or enthusiast about some topic, subject or field?

    Or, do your know one who'd like to work with THRU1?

    Well, then...

    Email us to chat about becoming one of our topic editors!

    We're looking for editors to expand the service covering the following topics:

    • education
    • medical/health
    • science
    • transportation

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