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GSA SIGNS OFF ON TRANSITION TO BIDEN: President Trump said his administration would cooperate with President-elect Joe Biden’s transition to the White House, ending a delay that had come under increasing criticism from members of both parties as Mr. Trump’s long-shot effort to overturn the election foundered (Wall Street Journal). The General Services Administration chief Emily Murphy, who had been formally holding up the transition for more than two weeks citing uncertainty in the results, said Monday that her agency would provide Mr. Biden federal resources meant to assist in a smooth transfer of power. Mr. Trump said he had instructed aides to cooperate with the transition approved by the GSA, though he pledged to continue his legal efforts to overturn the election result. “I believe we will prevail!” he said. “Nevertheless, in the best interest of our Country, I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, and have told my team to do the same,” he said. In a tweet late Monday, Mr. Trump said the GSA was “being allowed to preliminarily work with the Dems” but that his legal fight wasn’t over and that he would “never concede” to the election fraud he has baselessly alleged.

MICHIGAN BOARD OF CANVASSERS CERTIFIED ELECTION RESULTS: The Michigan State Board of Canvassers voted Monday to certify the state's election results, formally granting President-elect Joe Biden the state's 16 electoral votes. The certification all but erases President Donald Trump's pathway to try to overturn the election results through legal challenges that have been dismissed in key states (CNN). One of the two Republican members of the Michigan state canvassing board, Aaron Van Langevelde, joined the two Democrats to vote to certify the election results, after it was unclear how he would vote prior to the meeting.

BANKS CALLS FOR CDC TO GIVE TEACHERS EARLY ACCESS TO VACCINE: U.S. Rep. Jim Banks (IN-03), member of the House Education and Labor Committee called on the Center for Disease Control’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to provide teachers with the option of early COVID-19 vaccination (Howey Politics Indiana). “When schools closed last spring, children lost educational gains and their mental and physical health suffered. Our kids are essential and so are their teachers,” said Rep. Banks. “The CDC must prioritize children’s wellbeing—which means doing everything possible to let teachers do their irreplaceable work safely and effectively.

BIDEN MAKES NATIONAL SECURITY CABINET CHOICES: President-elect Joe Biden unveiled a slate of people he will tap for national security positions in his administration, announcing his intent to nominate the first woman to oversee the country’s intelligence community and the first Latino to lead the Department of Homeland Security (Wall Street Journal). Mr. Biden’s transition team said that he would nominate Alejandro Mayorkas, a Cuban-American and former deputy DHS secretary, to lead the department. Avril Haines, who was deputy national security adviser to President Barack Obama, will be nominated as director of national intelligence. Former Secretary of State John Kerry will serve as special presidential envoy for climate change, a position on the White House National Security Council, the transition team said. Mr. Biden’s team also said Monday that he would nominate Antony Blinken, his longtime foreign policy adviser, to serve as secretary of state, and he had chosen Jake Sullivan, another longtime aide, for the role of national security adviser.

BIDEN SELECTS YELLIN TO TREASURY: President-elect Joe Biden plans to nominate former Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen, an economist at the forefront of policy-making for three decades, to become the next Treasury secretary, according to people familiar with the decision (Wall Street Journal). If confirmed by the Senate, Ms. Yellen would become the first woman to hold the job. Mr. Biden’s selection positions the 74-year-old labor economist to lead his administration’s efforts to drive the recovery from the destruction caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Ms. Yellen, who was the first woman to lead the Fed, would become the first person to have headed the Treasury, the central bank and the White House Council of Economic Advisers.

TRUMP LEADS PENCE 53-24% IN 2024 POLL: President Donald Trump is the favored Republican candidate for a 2024 run, beating other notable Republicans, including Vice President Mike Pence, by a double-digit margin, according to a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll released Tuesday. Trump gets 53 percent of support among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents for a hypothetical 2024 Republican primary, according to the poll of registered voters. Pence came in second at only 12 percent support. Donald Trump Jr. got the third-highest support at 8 percent, while other Republican figures, including Sens. Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney, and Nikki Haley each got less than 5 percent support.

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MATTIS URGES BIDEN TO DROP 'AMERICAN FIRST': Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said in an op-ed on Monday that he hopes President-elect Joe Biden will take “America First” out of the national security strategy for his incoming administration (Fox News). Mattis penned the op-ed, titled “Defense in Depth,” for Foreign Affairs with Kori Schake, director of foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, Jim Ellis, a fellow at the Hoover Institution and former commander of U.S. Strategic Command, and Joe Felter, a fellow at the Hoover Institution. “In January, when President Joe Biden and his national security team begin to reevaluate U.S. foreign policy, we hope they will quickly revise the national security strategy to eliminate ‘America first’ from its contents, restoring in its place the commitment to cooperative security that has served the United States so well for decades,” they wrote. “The best strategy for ensuring safety and prosperity is to buttress American military strength with enhanced civilian tools and a restored network of solid alliances – both necessary to achieving defense in depth.”


WHITE HOUSE: TRUMP/PENCE SCHEDULE - President Trump and first lady Melania Trump will present the National Thanksgiving Turkey at 2 p.m. in the Rose Garden. VP Mike Pence has nothing on this schedule.

AUTOS: GM TO RECALL VEHICLES - General Motors Co. has agreed to recall 5.9 million SUV and pickup-truck models to replace potentially faulty Tataka air-bag inflaters, a fix that could cost the auto maker more than $1 billion (Wall Street Journal). GM had asked the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration not to order a recall of the vehicles because the auto maker believed they were safe. The agency denied that request Monday, saying its research shows Takata inflaters installed in GM vehicles are prone to the deadly explosions reported in other auto makers’ cars.

SPORTS: CUBS HIRE HOYER AS GM - While the window is just opening on Jed Hoyer's time as the Chicago Cubs' president of baseball operations, it's closing on the Cubs' championship-winning core (NWI Times). The Cubs gave Hoyer a five-year contract on Monday that runs through the 2025 season, one week after his friend and mentor Theo Epstein stepped down as team president. The 46-year-old Hoyer was promoted from general manager to replace Epstein, who oversaw drought-busting championships with both Boston and Chicago. Hoyer takes over a team in the middle of expensive multiyear deals with outfielder Jason Heyward and starting pitchers Yu Darvish and Kyle Hendricks. And four players who were essential contributors to Chicago's 2016 World Series title — Javier Báez, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and Kyle Schwarber — all are eligible to become free agents after next season.

ILLINOIS: GOV. PRITZKER SEES COVID 'GLIMMER OF HOPE' - Gov. J.B. Pritzker said Monday that he sees a “glimmer of hope” in recent downturns in the number of new coronavirus cases and the positivity rate in Illinois after a raging fall surge of infections but warned the public not to let its guard down (Chicago Tribune). “We have a lot of work to do,” Pritzker said at his daily coronavirus briefing. “This is going to take weeks, not days.” The state’s top public health official again sounded the alarm about the possibility that recent gains could quickly reverse if people don’t heed the advice of health experts to avoid holiday travel and limit Thanksgiving gatherings to their own households. “Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet,” Illinois Department of Public Health Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike said. “People can still change their plans and change the outcome.

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