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  • What is the THRU1 service?







    Imagine the power a feed of timely headlines on a topic that you can sell around, but it's hands-free for you.

    Or, let's state it more directly ... With the full bundle, you have access to more than 2,200 headlines and original-content items in your site to sell around each month, and one banner pays for it all.

    Topic editors curate headlines and then post them into the THRU1 service's website for distribution to client websites using just two lines of computer code that are simply pasted into the client's site.

    The FEED display includes a header graphic, headlines for the previous 5+ days for readers who have missed days, reference links, social media sharing tools, and occasionally includes other media: photos, audio and video.


    Ask about custom topic feeds into which you
    can sell your own local banner advertising to 
    further monetize the feeds in your website.

  • Are you an expert, advocate or enthusiast about some topic, subject or field?

    Or, do your know one who'd like to work with THRU1?

    Well, then...

    Email us to chat about becoming one of our topic editors!

    We're looking for editors to expand the service covering the following topics:

    • education
    • medical/health
    • science
    • transportation

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