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  • When does it publish?

    After you receive and insert the THRU1 script(s), the feed will immediately appear in your website, and will update automatically with each new publish by our editors.

    THRU1 publishes five (5) days a week for most channels, some more often, some less.


    Agriculture: five days/week
    COVID-19: twice daily/five days
    Food: five days/week
    Kids page: one day/week - Tuesday mornings
    Politics: five days/week (skips Thursday, publishes on Sundays to cover the morning news shows)
    Sports: five days/week

  • The following dates will not require a published THRU1 feed:

    • New Years Eve & Day
    • Christmas Eve & Day
    • Thanksgiving
    • Labor Day
    • Fourth of July
    • Memorial Day
    • Easter

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